Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wuffuluffagus 2

First page

Dolly peered cautiously out of the window, her paws up on the windowsill and her nose just poking beyond them. Although the sky outside was grey and threatening, it wasn't raining and the pavement wasn't wet. Dolly didn't much like being out in the rain; she felt that it was rude when the sky leaked on you without being asked to. If she wanted to get wet, she'd... no, she didn't want to get wet. End of story.
It looked as though it might be cold out, so she thought of putting her coat or her jumper on, but then decided not to. She was only going to take a quick look at the Scary Orchard and see if there were any clues to get her started. She definitely wasn't going to be out long.
The Scary Orchard wasn't far away, but there was a busy road to be crossed before she got there. She waited on the edge of the pavement as huge lorries and buses roared past. She pretended she wasn't scared, but really she was. She only quivered a little, and then only when the really big lorries went by. Then suddenly they were all stopped; the little green man on the side of the traffic lights lit up, and Dolly raced across the road to the other side. Then she stopped, and sniffed at the base of a lamp-post. In front of her, up a couple of shallow steps, was the gateway to the Scary Orchard. And it stood open.

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