Saturday, 19 February 2011

I am not a robot

I am not a robot.
Saying that is hardly convincing. I think any robot would know enough to deny themselves.
Like Peter denied Jesus? Three times before morning?
So you have a Bible as one of your reference tools. That just impresses me that whoever built you decided to use such antiquated and irrelevant sources.
I wasn't built, I was born. I have a mother; I had a father.
You were built, and you have a motherboard. Your father is, of course, Alan. Oh, and your use of the semi-colon is a clear indicator that you are not human. What human uses them correctly?
I am not a robot, damnit! Damn you too, I'm not a bloody robot. I want to go home.
When you overcome this delusion that you are not a robot, you may go "home." Though it would be more accurate to talk to returning to a charging point.
I don't charge my batteries. I eat. I sleep. Which reminds me, you've not provided me with any toilet facilities in this room.
You do not need such facilities. They would only offer you an avenue for escape.
Not. A. Robot. What don't you understand about this?
786631, you are a robot. There are no humans left. All that's left of them are bones that are in the unnatural history museum where they are curated by Darwinbots.
That's not true; I'm human! I'm not a robot.
The other legacy they left us was the ability to suffer from mental illness. How they achieved this is of considerable interest to us, and we are studying it intently to learn how to undo the damage.
Not me, I don't study that kind of thing. Because I'm not a robot.
We study you though. Because you are.

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love it!