Sunday, 24 May 2009

Desdemona Fylkes

Desdemona, known as Desi to her lover of five years (Katrina Walsh), and known as Demon to almost everyone else, is in her early 30s. She is broad, but not fat; she played rugby at school and swims five times a week now. She would still play rugby but Katrina makes too much fuss about it.
She has shoulder-length black hair that often looks a little greasy and always looks uncared for. She ties it back in a queue (pony-tail) sometimes and has tattoos on both arms, all above the elbows. When she's swimming the tattoos are clearly visible, and the other swimmers tend to avoid her when they can.
She co-owns Lazy Sunday which she uses as a money-laundering front. Katrina is left to run it, and Desi knows on an unconscious level that the shop means a lot more to Katrina than it does to her. She finds the concept of incipient antiques risible and doesn't hide her sarcasm. Katrina's suggestions of finding new suppliers or going antiquing are usually met with excuses.
Desi provides muscle and business acumen to the partnership. Katrina provides sales skills and enthusiasm, and is utterly ruthless.
They also own half a racehorse, called Born to be wild, who Desi refers to as Born to be glue. They have a part share in a tomato farm co-operative that produces marijuana-tomato puree on a small scale for the locals. It serves as a tax shelter and a convenient staging point for the import of immigrant workers.
Desi likes to wear suits, particularly in her favourite colour (green), but will attempt to feminise them with overly ruffled blouses or heavily floral ties.

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